Every day, thousands of people are getting Botox injections to reduce and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles on their skin and achieve a more youthful appearance. The advantages of using Botox injections include their overall safety in terms of having little to no side effects and the fact that they are temporary, so if you don’t like your new look, it will fade in just a few months.

In addition, Botox has been shown to significantly reduce migraine headaches and to eliminate excessive sweating as well. Although as with reducing skin wrinkles, the benefits are only temporary it can be reused indefinitely without suffering any ill side effects if proper treatment methods are used.

However, it is important for people who are considering these types of injections that they use the services of medical personnel that have had comprehensive Botulinum Toxin instruction.

Proper Methods

Although Botox treatment is a simple injection under the skin, it does take proper training to know where and how to make the injection for maximum results. This means knowing exactly how much Botox to use, where to inject it under the skin and understanding the exact method in how to place the Botox.

Injecting too much Botox or putting it in the wrong place may cause side effects that are certainly noticeable. While the chances of becoming poisoned are still quite low, improper injection techniques can lead to a number of side effects that over time may add up to developing a serious condition.

Sanitary Setting

Along with proper training in how to inject Botox, there is the overall setting and methods used to ensure that the risk of infection is minimized. Part of Botox injection training is ensuring that the facilities and methods used are properly sanitized.

This is because infections are much easier to prevent than they are to treat, so using proper methods in keeping needles clean along with their storage areas and the room in general is essential for avoiding unnecessary infections.

Training for Emergencies

With the many thousands of Botox injections that happen on a daily basis, the chances of something unforeseen happening are quite slim. However, there is always the very slim chance of an allergic reaction or other unexpected event that may become an emergency situation.

This means that the facility in which you receive treatment needs to have access to emergency measures just in case the worst happens. Calling 911 is part of the emergency process, but there also needs to be basic life-saving treatments available to react swiftly to any emergency that develops.

Overall, Botox instructional training covers more than just the injection itself, but the entire process so that patients are protected as much as possible. For the medical professional administering the treatment, having the training in vital towards accomplishing the task and getting the results the patients want. For the patient, being treated by someone who has Botox instructional training should bring a sense of comfort and relief in knowing that the treatment will go as smoothly as possible.

Reference: http://dentox.com/botox-edu-news/botox-injection-training/

denver pain management doctor

Millions of people suffer from the pain associated with cancer without seeking the appropriate treatment. While pain management doctors may specialize in treating those with various types of cancer, some patients assume that their patient is an unavoidable symptom of their health condition. Just as there are different types of cancer and treatments used for each, there are different reasons that cancer patients may experience pain. Cancerous tumors can cause pain as well as surgical treatment, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Typically, the more advanced cancer has become, the more painful it is likely to be. Some people who have been successfully treated for cancer continue to have pain even after their treatments have come to an end. Pain management doctors specialize in treating individuals according to the type of cancer they have and the severity of their pain. They can improve the cancer patient’s quality of life and throughout their treatment and after it has come to an end. The goal of the specialist is to reduce or eliminate every patient’s pain even before their diagnosis has been made until they no longer have pain from their condition.

Creating a Personal Plan

A variety of factors are used to develop an individual plan for each cancer patient’s pain. These factors include:

  •  Their diagnosis
  •  The stage of cancer
  •  How well they tolerate pain
  •  Personal preferences

Here is a Denver based website with lots of pain management resources - Denver Pain Management Doctors. A team of pain management doctors and specialists in different areas of medicine will often work together to develop the best plan for the person’s pain. In addition to pain relievers, physical therapy and psychological support may also be included.

Assessing Your Cancer Pain

Although a person is being treated for cancer, the source of their pain must also be determined before it can be effectively treated. The severity of pain must also be assessed. There is no real way to measure another person’s pain other than to listen to their complaints and have them evaluate the degree to which they can tolerate it.

The pain management doctors will ask you questions about when your pain begins in relationship to activities or treatments. They will also want to know how long it lasts and exactly which areas of the body are affected along with anything that makes the pain better or worse. All of the information collected will be used to evaluate the source of the pain so that a pain management plan can be developed.

Where to find a Pain Management Doctor

There are different types of doctors that treat pain in different areas of the body or that from different sources. Anesthesiologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons, orthopedic doctors and psychiatrists are all specialists at treating pain. Many patients with cancer will go to a pain management center to get the benefit of various pain management doctors who work together as a team for a comprehensive approach to treatment. While an oncologist will determine the best treatment for the cancer patient, a specialist in pain will work with them to treat the pain they are experiencing from their condition. Regardless of your diagnosis, stage of cancer or the prognosis of your cancer, pain management will make dealing with your condition easier for you.

The exotic and flavor-filled wasabi has a lot to say as much as health goes and even more in regards of cuisine combinations. Being known originally for being added to the sushi recipes in Japan it has grown in popularity in the west recently. Even the Lays Company made wasabi flavored chips, which are not for everyone’s taste but you can’t know until you’ve tried it.

wasabi health benefits

As I mentioned in the first sentence, wasabi presents a few interesting health benefits that can’t be just ignored if you like this oriental treat.

  • It promotes a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. As it has anti-hypercholesterolemic properties, wasabi helps in lowering blood pressure levels and keeping your cholesterol in check. This makes it the perfect counter for a fatty food regimen.
  • Wasabi has antibacterial properties. Helping with fighting unwanted bacteria and inflammation is the antioxidant isothiocyanate that is said to defend even against E.Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus.
  • This helps with respiratory and nasal stuffing problems. The smell has a great effect and cleans the sinuses very effectively while the antibacterial properties make sure your nose doesn’t contain any harmful pathogens.
  • It’ s a great anti inflamer and helps with joint pain. Thanks to the same antioxidant mentioned before, the wasabi helps with maintaining your joints in good form and your keep inflammations away.
  • It even helps in avoiding or preventing some types of cancer. As you may already know, antioxidants have an incredibly efficient way of preventing the appearance of cancer cells, and thanks to the powerful antioxidant present in wasabi its properties are quire potent as much as cancer prevention goes. It can inhibit the proliferation of leukemia and stomach cancer cells and also prevents effectively breast and colon cancer.

Knowing all these, you should observe that prevention is the most a certain food can do and therefore I recommend you to start eating healthy from today on.

crazy massIf you wish to bulk up with pounds of perfect muscle structure, burn fat& stay healthy then it’s necessary to follow a good diet plan. Any kind of food you intake can make your gain or lose your gain. Eating plenty doesn’t mean you are healthy enough, but choosing the right and nutritious food will do, and incorporate them in your diet program. Aside from getting supplements from branded nutritious tablets or capsules.

Here is the most effective diet for your bodybuilding regime:

Egg Whites – It has lots of protein and the protein to fat ratio of 60:1, large proportion of nutrients are absorbed from the egg whites, it will help to utilize your muscle synthesis. This food contains low carbohydrate content.

Poultrymeat – Enables to attain a solid muscle, lean meats such as turkey or chicken breasts should beassociated in bodybuilder’s diet. It is a good source of proteins and low in trans and saturated fats.

Fish – Many body builders have a large part of their diets that consist of seafood and fish. Fish is simply rich in protein, low fats and rich in omega3, which is very healthy for our body, especially with our heart. Salmon, Sardines and Tuna is a very good example, while canned pack of this food provides instant source of protein.

Lean Red Meats – Ground beef, lamb, pork or any grass eating animals are low in sodium, excellent source of iron, niacin, protein, vitamin B and zinc. It has very high ratio of calorie per servings. Meat composes of water, fat and various minerals and vitamins. The protein is in the muscle tissue, and comprise from 15% to 20% of the mass of meat.

Legumes& Beans–They are economical and an ordinary food for all body builders. Naturally rich in fiber, calcium, protein, zinc and iron. This food compliments essentials of amino acids too, italso contains essential amino acids methionine. Amino acid is a food for our muscle build up.

Low Glycemic Carbohydrate – Muscle needs other nutrients aside from protein. Carbohydrates serve as our body fuel, it give us the energy to do work. This includes breads, cereals, pasta, crops, corn, milk, yoghurt and fruits.

Water– 70 % of our body is composed of water. Our body can’t store or make water itself but it continually drains instead, it is necessary to drink lots of water every time even when you aren’t thirst, to replenish and replace the water in your body and become hydrated.

Whey Protein – is the watery portion of extracted milk that is separated when making cheese. This food helps you to improve your workouts performance. This is an alternative for milk with intolerance from lactose.

Last but not least – Support your diet with good muscle building supplements. Crazy Mass offer some great products which will accelerate your muscle gaining process. Be sure that you read the crazy mass review from people who have already used these products.

Many people take yohimbe to increase their sexual desire, but that’s not all it can do. In men, it can increase testosterone serum levels and help improve sexual dysfunction. It can even help with andropause, the so-called “male menopause”. For both men and women, this product can serve as an antioxidant and appetite suppressant.

That means that the true benefits of yohimbe include greater libido, greater energy, greater overall health, an increased sex drive, better sexual performance and perhaps even weight loss. So what’s not to like?



More About Yohimbe

Derived from an evergreen tree that grows in Africa, yohimbe has been used by ancient tribes for centuries for the purposes listed above and even smoked as a hallucinogen and used to treat conditions that range from leprosy to fever, coughs and more. They used it as an anesthetic and to dilate pupils too. Of course, you shouldn’t use it for any purpose without talking to your doctor, but you may be surprised what it can do for you.

Today, it’s also made into a prescription drug called yohimbine that’s FDA approved and used for erectile dysfunction. While Viagra has largely replaced it as a commercial drug, it still works wonders for many. And there are relatively few side effects, including anxiety, blood pressure issues, swelling, itching and similar things. It isn’t recommended for diabetics, those with heart disease or those taking antidepressants.

It Could Be Right For You

If you have sexual dysfunction or want greater sexual desire, you could enjoy the benefits of yohimbe by ordering this dietary supplement now. When you order this product instead of the refined prescription medicine, you don’t need a prescription.

Plus, you could get the weight loss and heart benefits as well. So again, what’s not to like about yohimbe and its many benefits?

crazy mass

There are a lot of ways through which you can enhance muscle building. The in-take of proper diet and regular exercise will help greatly in mass gain, yet for more speedy results people go for muscle building supplements. However, natural ways of enhancing muscle mass are always the best as there is no fear of side effects.

Some of the things you can do to build mass include taking in sufficient protein, vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, creatine, pre work-out boosters so that you can work-out with immense energy, amino acid and glutamine. The prerequisite is to ensure that your diet is sufficed with all these ingredients. Otherwise no supplement or product can do wonders for you as you can’t possible find muscles in a bottle.

If you really want to gain muscles you need to have a look at your life style and dietary pattern, you cannot rely totally on a supplement. Altering the diet pattern and following a strict exercise is a must to gain muscles. People choose to have muscle building supplements to have the lean muscles they crave.All supplement producing companies claim to have introduced the best supplement ever. It is important to seek out the best supplement by consulting your medical specialist. Different supplements leave different impact on people because we all have different compositions. 

To maximize workout training and to have amazing results, crazy mass products introduce a legal suite of products. These products have been used by many customers who have left a positive feedback. Speed up the muscle mass by using these supplements. Some of the best products crazy mass has introduced are:

Anadroll,which helps greatly in increasing muscle mass and too without any side effects. It helps in increasing the production of red blood cells, increasing strength, reducing fatigue, faster recovery, boosting level of testosterone, increasing protein synthesis etc. The ultimate result is increasing lean muscles.

Tren-Bal is another product produced by crazymass which significantly helps in building muscle mass. It is one of the best muscle building supplements available in the market. It enhances nitrogen retention and releases extra amounts of testosterone.  The product features dual functioning; its anabolic formula assists in gaining muscle mass and also acts as a cutting agent by burning fats quickly and maintaining the required level of testosterone in the body.

Leather is well known for many things. It is associated with quality as well as comfort. Here, we will be talking about leather massage chairs that deliver both quality and have received great reviews from the people who used them. There is no better way to gauge a products’ performance than through its reviews. So here are the best leather massage chairs that have gotten great reviews. For affordability, we will focus on massage chairs that are less than $600.

Flash Furniture Leather Heated Reclining Massage Chair with Ottoman

leather massage chair

Not everyone can afford a zero gravity massage chair and does not want to have a bulky and space hungry massage chair. What is great is that there is a great massage chair that costs less and is more space friendly.

The Flash Furniture Leather Heated Reclining Massage Chair with Ottoman is a comfortable and effective massage chair that provides great performance and maximum massage power kneads on your thighs, back and lumbar area. It has five massage modes and three intensity levels that is sure to give you the flexibility and personalized comfort that you are looking for at the end of a stressful and hardworking day.

The Flash Furniture Leather Heated Reclining Massage Chair with Ottoman received a perfect 5 of 5 stars in Amazon.com and 4.4 stars of 5 in Wayfair.com where it costs $187, a lot lower than the $299.25 listing in Amazon.com.

T & D Enterprises BT-7672-MASSAGE-BK-GG Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base

The T & D Enterprises BT-7672-MASSAGE-BK-GG Massaging Black Leather Recliner costs $234.74 and got 4 out of 5 stars in Amazon.com. This massage chair has a double padded cushioned seat and back with a right side pocket for the remote. It has five pre-programmed settings that allow you to choose which one suits your preference.

Having this capability allows you to have a different kind of massage if you so choose to. There are times that you want exactly the same massage and there are time and that you want a different experience, either way, you can have what you like with the T & D Enterprises BT-7672-MASSAGE-BK-GG.

Relaxzen 60-6810 5-Motor Massage Executive Office Chair

The Relaxzen 60-6810 5-Motor Massage Executive Office Chair has 5 vibration motors to relax your thighs and the whole of your back. It has 3 pre-programmed modes as well as 3 intensity levels with a built-in controller. The bonded leather upholstery and cushions as well as the armrests gives you that office chair feel whether you turn on the massage or not.

It has a built-in timer deactivates the massage motors after 15 minutes. The Relaxzen 60-6810 5-Motor Massage Executive Office Chair has a 5 hour rechargeable battery and allows you to tilt, tension, swivel, lock and adjust the height from 20 to 24 inches. It has a capacity of up to 250 lbs. and costs about $170.

The Relaxzen 60-6810 5-Motor Massage Executive Office Chair is actually produced by Comfort Products who has been producing quality products since 1919. Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Massage Reclining Chair with Heat In Comfort Soft Upholstery The Relaxzen 60-425111 offers heat treatment that soothes your lumbar area and has 8 massage motors to relax your calves, thighs, upper and lower back. You can also choose between independent massage zones with 9 pre-programmed modes and 5 intensity levels. Comfort Products again produced a great massage chair in the Relaxzen 60-425111 that costs a little over $200 and weighs 50 lbs. It can easily fit in your living room right in front of the T.V. if you choose and melt your stress away while watching your favorite movie. The Relaxzen 60-425111 is one of the most affordable but well made massage chairs in the market today.

T & D Enterprises BT-7600P-MASSAGE-BK-GG Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base The BT-7600P is a lot more affordable than the BT-7672 because it only costs $187. It has basically the same performance and features. The BT-7600P looks quite unassuming and does not require as much space as other massage chairs like the zero gravity ones and costs way, way lower. Relaxation does not need to be expensive and the BT-7600P is one of the best examples for that.

All in all, the chairs mentioned above are great chairs that are only affordable but give quality of service to you. If you have thousands of dollars to spend on a massage chair, then great. But if you are like most of us who do not want to spend thousand and thousands for something that will give us the same kind of quality as the massage chairs above, then these are great options worth looking at.

urgent careYou may have seen them popping up all around in your neighborhood. Urgent care facilities have become the new walk-in clinics. Demand for these medical facilities has increased due the high strain on hospital emergency rooms.

Often patients are visiting hospital emergency rooms for non-critical medical emergencies. The CDC reports that this accounts for 20% of all emergency room visits.

A study conducted by the CDC shows that in 2008 out of 124 million ER visits nationwide only 42 million of those were injury related.

Although all urgent care facilities offer lower costs and faster service than a typical hospital ER, patients face other issues.

  1. The quality of care often suffers because doctors use nurse practitioners to administer care rather than doing it themselves
  2. Patient’s often have to be sent out to get x-rays and labs. This can be a great inconvenience especially when a person is not feeling well.

In response to this a new gold standard for urgent care is starting to emerge. Urgent care facilities like VIP Urgent Care offer in house x-rays and labs. They also provide care by board certified doctors who have extensive hospital experience.

This gives patients a higher level of care and they are equipped to handle everything an ER can except Heart attack, stroke, severe head trauma and the most life threatening situations.

The list below shows the reported most common issues that can be treated by Urgent Care rather than ER. 

  • Abdominal pain
  • Toothache
  • Sprains and Broken Bones
  • Upper Respiratory Infections
  • Cuts and Contusions
  • Back Pain
  • Skin Infections
  • Foreign Objects in the Body 
  • Headaches

It is expected that the increase in patient frustration caused by lack of doctor availability due to greater demand and a shortage of primary care physicians, will cause patients to look for alternatives which allow them to get the medical attention they desire quickly.

VIP urgent Care is in a good position to take advantage of these shifts in the health care market.

One of the main problems that weight conscious individuals face is taking up enough nutrients that the body needs.  These people avoid taking in too much meat which causes them to lack protein in their system and this is where black beans come in. It is from the family of more than 40, 000 legume classifications that is known to be rich in protein, fiber and other important nutrients our body needs. Black beans came from Peru when explorers introduced it years ago in the 1500s. After ages of cultivation of black beans, it gradually became the South American’s staple food. But then, among all the nutrients it holds, some still says that it is still lacking because they say that it is not a complete protein and it does not offer complete amino acids which in contrary what animal meat has. Nonetheless, to compensate on this lacking, people have gathered solutions to this. They say that if black beans is eaten together with brown rice, nuts, corn and seeds and wheat it will make a complete protein.

Black beans are a healthy diet food that can do well in your internal system. Black bean is bountiful of fiber and protein so this maintains a healthy digestive tract as it helps move the food from the stomach to the large intestines preventing you from constipation. Also, because it holds fiber that is proven to be soluble-fiber, the one good for the one because it can be helpful in lowering blood cholesterol levels in the blood.  It is also a good blood sugar regulator which means individuals with diabetes as whenever there is a sudden sugar spike or sugar drop, it can maintain the balance at both situations, and thus, they can benefit from this food. It prevents you from eating too much as it keeps you filled for a longer period of time. Aside from all this health improvement this black bean is offering, it can also prevent you from having cancer. Black beans are confirmed to contain 8 different kinds of flavonoids with vast amounts of anti-oxidant properties and high content of phytochemicals.

Not only internally but of course it is primarily eaten for physical improvement purposes. Most people that are a fan of black beans are fit and slim. As it will keep you full all day, this will prevent you from eating any extra amounts of calories that you might take if ever you will feel hungry, and thus, will oblige the body to burn any  extra calories you have taken. .Normally black beans are used for soups and stews but besides cooking this bean, it can also be served in salads, therefore, preventing any additional calories that you might ingest. This is very beneficial to those who want to trim down their waistlines. It is also beneficial to hair and skin as it is proven to be rich in both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties· To those health conscious, you can always not add cream and fats in your stews and soups if you want to omit the fat but still has its health and nutritious benefits.

womans legs after laser lipo

Laser-assisted liposuction — or simply laser lipo — uses light to melt away fat so it can be removed from the body with suction. Sounds remarkable doesn’t it? It’s a procedure that’s helping improve the figures of people around the world, but what kind of laser lipo is right for you?

More than one kind of technology is in use today to help reshape your body with the aid of lasers. These include:

- SmartLipo, a procedure that involves only minimal invasion and is often done under only a local anesthetic. A very small laser is used to heat up, swell and then break apart fat. This works very well for small areas. Click  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIHPcrCxIvA or press play below to see how it works in detail.

- SlimLipo, designed to handle fat in precise portions of the body without damaging surrounding tissue. This procedure both liquefied fat and tones collagen and is also minimally invasive, requiring only a very small incision into the skin.

- CoolLipo is another type of laser lipo that is used mostly for sculpting around the face and other areas with finer features where traditional lipo isn’t as effective. In some cases, it may also be used on larger areas like the abdomen.

- LipoLite involves the insertion of small fibers into the body to melt the fat away and coagulate surrounding blood. That means there’s little bruising or blood loss, meaning less downtime for the patient when compared with other kinds of laser lipo.

- LipoTherme softens fat in certain areas, stimulates collagen and is often used in addition to other procedures to get the best possible results.

- LipoControl provides maximum control over the amount of energy delivered and involves an electronic mapping device that prevents over treatment of any specific area.

With these and other laser lipo procedures at your disposal, there’s no reason to live with pockets of unwanted fat anywhere on your body.

If you are in the Atlanta area, and would like the latest Laser Lipo treatments, visit http://www.atlantaliposuction.com/